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"It is better to tolerate that rare instance of a parent's refusing to let his child be educated, than to shock the common feelings by a forcible transportation and education of the infant against the will of his father." -- Thomas Jefferson


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READER: "the problem with Venezuela isn't that socialism was poorly implemented; but that socialism was FAITHFULLY implemented" - Donald Trump (UN Speech)

Bernie Sanders head just exploded...

READER: The sheer energy involved to transform the earth's weather would require that scientists would hook up every mother-in-law on this planet and inform them that their grandchildren are not, in fact, too bright.

READER: I get so-o-o-o tired of people saying "Trump's not his own man," or words to that effect in order to make excuses for his treachery.

If a Commander-In-Chief can't even muster the courage of at least his soldiers facing death on battlefields and overcoming their fear, then he is nothing but a coward in my estimation. Why else would a Commander-In-Chief dishonor his campaign promises as President?

READER: Re: the Barry Seal movie and current caller from France

Is it possible the movie being shown in France/Europe would show things that won't appear in the U.S./Canada version?

I know lots of times magazines, like Time, have different covers and stories in the rest of the world as compared to what appears in U.S./Canada.

WRH: Yes. It happens all the time.

READER: Been refilling my own HP B&W cartridge for 3 years now (no need for color).

Only trick is not to over fill them---fill only 1/2 to 3/4 way up.

WRH: The newer cartridges actually have a timeout chip in them. Even if full, they will stop working after so many months.

READER: An addendum to your Usenet story: what finally did Usenet in was the father of CNN's Chris Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo, who used the excuse that because a couple of abandoned alt heirarchy newsgroups (out of 100,000+ had been secretly taken over by pedophiles, all of Usenet was a criminal network. He then went around threatening all the major US ISPs with prosecution. Next thing everyone knew, ISPs were dropping Usenet like rocks.

In hindsight, I now recognize that it was an attempt to shut down the only unmoderated, distributed discussion network the public had online.

Makes you wonder about e-mail spam. Remember when the average ISP e-mail server allowed you to legitimately CC or BCC thousands if not tens of thousands of people at a time, say perhaps to send political material? Try that now, and you'll find most ISPs have unadvertised limits of 50 outgoing e-mails per day. And even if they don't, someone somewhere simply mislabeling your messages as spam results in the loss of your ISP account. So yeah, this is another example of a mass communications medium the public once had unfettered access to, and which they now don't.

READER: I turned on tv to see weather- maria-

Every channel is showing trump at UN

- bottom line

Every nation is on their own!

And we will Fight evil (aka korea etc)

Laying nuke plan


READER: Couldn't stomach the Trump speech at the UN today. Trump has become Israel's lapdog. It's quite obvious. The U.S continues to provoke war with anyone who will take the bait. If they don't take the bait, then the U.S. will surely manufacture an imminent threat, and justification for war. Key words: Smoking Gun. Mushroom Cloud. Noam Chomsky hit the nail square on the head with his documentary, "Manufacturing Consent". The U.S. follows the exact same script,( for war), every time. An ignorant population will fall for the lies once again, just as they did for Saddam Hussein, and his WMD's in Iraq. The only American's who seem to care what their government is doing, are those who have children in the military. They have skin in the game. The remaining Americans are consumed with their favorite TV shows, and sports team. They don't care. They will care when their child is taken from them; put in a uniform, and told to fight an unjust war. Until that day comes, they just don't care. No skin in the game. American's are the least educated when it comes to U.S. politics. The government knows this, and relies on FAKE news media to help them with their war propaganda. The UN is a joke. A kangaroo court of weak nations who are bullied, or paid by the U.S. to comply with their list of wants. The UN is Controlled by Israel. Lurking in the shadows. The U.S takes on the focal presence/ FIGUREHEAD of controlling all the nations in the UN. This President is a puppet. He is NOT his own man. He has now become a politician. A flip flopper. Abandoning his campaign promise to make peace in the world. The UGLY American,(Government), lives on.

READER: Kim Jong Un should start calling Trump 'puppet man' over his rocket man comment.

READER: So I'm a bit gobsmacked at Trump's speech at the UN and the reaction amongst his hardcore believer supporters. They're cheering and saying "Dayum, that's the president I voted for."

Uh...has everyone forgotten that Trump campaigned on NOT being Globocop? That he said that the US should stay the hell out of all these global conflicts? And yet there he is..threatening Venezuela, North Korea, and (as usual) Iran. Iran's inclusion tells you once again who's agenda he is serving.